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Dangocha ・ だんご茶
  • Dangocha ・ だんご茶


    50g $25

    From YoshidaMeichaen 吉田銘茶園 Uji, Kyoto Japan

    Dangocha is unique kind of Japanese Tea. It falls under the family of Gyokuro. It is rarein Japan, especially so here in North America. It is very special tea because limited and has a wonderful flavor and nutritious. It was created by accident. During the process of making Gyokuro, all the light and soft leaves bunch up together and roll up into a long ball shape. This tea wasn’t created on purpose. Its rarity impacts the cost of the tea as well.

    Dango is the name of Japanese sweets also shaped like roundball. They are like Daifuku if you are familiar with those common Japanese sweets. At Yoshida Meichaen, all these balls are picked by hands one by one.

    It’s Gyokuro Extract, which is full of Umami, Vitamin C, E, Catechin, Caffeine and Fiber.

    Cultivars: Mixture of Samidori and Ujihikari

    Recommend Steeping method:

    Eat as a snack


    Put 15 pcs of Dangocha, pour room temperature water just to cover the leaves. Wait 30 mins. As for the second steep, 60 for 5 mins/100cc. You able to enjoy up to 3 – 5 steeps with 80 for 1 min /100cc.

    You also have an option to eat the steeped leaves on top of rice after first or second steep.

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