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Momo Tea

Our goal is to introduce high quality Japanese tea to Canadians through events and our online tea store. In order to enjoy fresh Japanese tea every day, the price must be affordable, and Momo Tea makes this happen.  

Momo Tea carries limited stock in order to keep tea fresh so you might need to wait a week or two to receive your order. 

Momo Tea continues to be on the lookout for new fresh tea sources from Japan.


All of our tea goes through rigorous taste testing, and are Momo’s favourites.

Proudly imported & introduced direct from Japan to Canada 


Momo Yoshida

Momo is a serious tea lover, and advocate.
She is Japanese, and has been living in Toronto since 2003.

Momo belongs to the Urasenke school of chanoyu and is learning the tea ceremony. Urasenke is the name of one of the main branches of Japanese tea ceremony followers.

She is Certified TAC TEA SOMMELIER ™/℠ Professional since 2010.


Meaning of Momo Tea Logo

There is a thought into this logo. The top flower is peach flower (桃の花).  The middle bar describes folding fan(扇子・sensu).  We use sensu during the Japanese Tea Ceremony to show respects. We put fold sensu in front of us when we bow. We bow not only for a person but also for the tea goods as well.  The bottom cup is a shape of Japanese Tea Cup. The message from the logo is "Momo respects Tea and everyone who enjoy drinking tea".


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