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Online ZOOM Work Shop Available!

Join Momo of Momo Tea and share the beauty of Japanese Tea

Matcha Online Workshop

All participant will receive 4 different types of Matcha by mail

You will learn about the region, manufacturing process and grade differences of Matcha.

Also, how to whisk properly and more!

We will whisk together during the online workshop.

Cost will be CA$50 per person.

The cost will Include..

10g Koicha, 10g Usucha, 10g Matsu Matcha and 10g Take Matcha (total $30)

plus Higashi (Matcha Sweets) and shipping and handling fee.

(Extra $15 to USA)

Date: TBA

Please email

To save your spot for the future event, 

Please send email to  (please be careful, it's .co not .com)

Dangocha Online Workshop

Dangocha is bi product from Gyokuro manufacture process.

Momo Tea will introduce this unique shaped Dangocha to Canadian Tea lovers!

Whoever purchased Dangocha from MomoTea, you are eligible to join this workshop.

Dangocha 50g $25 (available on the website)-Sorry, out of stock as of today

Momo Tea partnership with YoshidaMeichaen.

All Dangocha come from their Tea farm.

Date: TBA

How to apply: (or how to save your spot in advance)

Please send email to  (please be careful, it's .co not .com)

Online Japanese Tea 101

Momo will introduce you to a wide array of Japanese tea, including Sencha, Kabusecha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro and Matcha.  You will enjoy finding their particular characteristics and different flavor profiles based on growing regions, while Momo gives a tea brewing demonstration, sharing tips for making the perfect cup of tea at home.

Participant will received sample of Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro and Matcha by mail.

Cost: $60

You will receive 10g of Sencha, Kabusecha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, 10g of Premium Gyokuro and Tea Ceremony Grade Mathca by mail.

Cost includes shipping/handling fee.

(Extra $15 to USA)

Date: TBA

How to apply: (or how to save your spot in advance)

Please send email to  (please be careful, it's .co not .com)

Chasen (BambooWhisk) Online Workshop

Momo Tea partnership with Chasen Artisan, Mr. Tango Tanimura. 

He is the 20th generation owner of the Tanimura family.

The region of Takayama, Nara has been at the center of Japanese Chasen making for over 500 years. 

Please check his website below.

Online Chasen workshop will be in host by Mr. Tanimura. (in Japanese)

Momo will be his translator for Canadian Tea lovers.

You will learn..

*How bamboo related to Japanese people's lifstyle

*History of Chasen

*What is Chasenshi(Chasen Master)

*Difference use of Chasen, between Tea Ceremony Group

*Demonstration making Chasen

*How to maintain your Chasen properly

*When is good time to change your Chasen

*How to whisk Matcha

*What is good Chasen

*Q&A.. and many more!

Date: TBA

Cost: CA$30

No material provided during this workshop.

Participants will received zoom link provided by Mr. Tanimura with passwords.

How to apply: (or how to save your spot in advance)

Please send email to  (please be careful, it's .co not .com)

Any questions,

Please contact Momo

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