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Sencha (煎茶) is the most popular tea in Japan.

The majority of production comes from Shizuoka, 

Kagoshima, Mie and Kyoto.

Sencha is grown in full sunlight, steamed,

dried and kneaded.

Flavored Sencha

This Flavored Sencha collection is special blend by Momo Tea. The base tea is Sencha from Shizuoka, Japan. Plus, with your choice of fruits flavor. Enjoy the nice balance and natural sweetness from tea & fruits.


Flavored Sencha

Mizudashi Sencha

Mizudashi (水出し)means  “cold brewing” in Japanese. It is an easy way to brew your tea without heating the water.

By brewing by water, the flavor of umami is highlighted. Low in caffeine, Rich in Vitamin-C. Very refreshing!


Genmaicha (玄米茶) is a blend of green tea and roasted rice. Genmai means roasted brown rice. It is a popular daily drink in Japan that includes vitamin C and minerals from green tea. It also contains vitamin B and E from un-polished rice. It has a nice nutty, toasted mild flavor


Hojicha (ほうじ茶) is a roasted green tea.

The roasted process removes the most of the caffeine and tannin.

Its an easy drinking tea with a roasted flavor that goes well between meals.


Gyokuro (玉露) is the highest grade of Japanese Tea.

It is produced mainly from Uji, Kyoto & Yame, Fukuoka. 

The shading process defines the character of the tea by reducing the catechin, increasing the L-Theanine that bring sweetness.  It has high caffeine, and a mellow sweet flavour.



Matcha (抹茶) is used for the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Matcha is made from shade cultivated leaves finely 

ground on a stone mill. 

Matcha contains all of the nutrients of the leaf.

it is the highest grade of tea,  & has sweetness, 

deepness in flavour, and is less bitter.


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