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Premium Uji Gyokuro・宇治玉露

Premium Uji Gyokuro・宇治玉露


50g $25

Premium Gyokuro from Uji, Kyoto. This is highest grade Gyokuro. You see beautiful "needle like shape" and deep green color. Full of umami. Enjoy the rich taste of this Gyokuro.

Recommend Steeping method:

6g 60° with 60ml water 2-3mins

Enjoy up to 2-3 steeps with 80° 60ml water, 1 min

  • Details

    Highest grade of Japanese Tea. The tea fields for Gyokuro are shaded three to four weeks before the buds are picked. Shading process defines the character of this tea. Uji, Koto Japan is well known for produce high quality Gyokuro. High caffeine, Mellow sweetness flavor. Premium Gyokuro only use the best top part of the leaf. It has extra Umami.
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