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  • TSUNEHO | 常穂


    Tsuneho | 常穂 Bamboo Whisk 

    $35 plus 13% Tax($4.55) = $39.55
    Chasen-Bamboo Whisk (茶筅)

    Hand made one by one by Bamboo artist in Nara Takayama, Japan (奈良 高山)

    This region is famous for bamboo. 

    • Details

      Chasen with 64 outer-side bristles. The above numbers refer to the bristles on the outer side. Chasen is a Matcha tools for ceremonial or private use. Momo Tea imports Chasens only made from the Takayama bamboo. (Nara, Japan). Well known as a high quality Chasen producer region. The chasen artist creates each whisk individually by hand. These items will enhance the enjoyment of your Matcha Tea Life.
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